Homer’s Odyssey: Life Then and Now

A few years after studying Homer’s Iliad, the chance to learn its sequel, The Odyssey, arose when it was designated a set e book for a daughter’s research for the baccalaureate college entrance examinations. After some 2700 years of acclaim from many of the world’s nice authors and literary critics, the e book wants no new evaluations, however it can’t fail to impress some touch upon life because it was then, and the way it’s now.

In evolutionary phrases, 2700 years is a insignificantly small time frame. The folks in Homer’s world shared a lot the identical hopes and fears as fashionable folks. They have been intensely loyal to household and mates and hospitable in direction of strangers who got here in peace, however hostile and sometimes violent in direction of adversaries. Simply as now, they suffered the rule of oligarchs and plutocrats, it was, in any case, the Greeks who invented the phrases, however some metropolis states have been run by benign dictators, and the hero of Homer’s story, Odysseus, and earlier than him his father, Laertes, had established such a repute. The economic system depended upon slave labour however in contrast to right this moment the slaves have been properly handled, many serving their masters for a lifetime with nice loyalty and affection on each side.

The Historic Greeks started the method of the scientific investigation of nature however the advantages when it comes to sensible innovations got here largely after their time. Younger folks right this moment would possibly particularly be aware the absence of the Web, however as an alternative, the Historic Greeks had the gods who carried out a lot the identical operate. Similar to the Web, the gods knew every little thing that was occurring, and had occurred, in every single place. Additionally they knew what would occur sooner or later though this info was harder to entry; suppliants wanted a particular relationship to the service suppliers. Odysseus loved such a particular relationship with the goddess, Athene, daughter of Zeus, the King of the Gods.

Having access to the gods was in some ways simpler than accessing the Web; one did not want a pc or a cell phone. The one private knowledge required was one’s father’s title, or typically one’s mom’s title or the title of a grandfather. There was no must reveal one’s electronic mail handle, put up code or phone quantity and if a password was wanted it was a part of a widely known incantation, unlikely ever to be forgotten. There was, nonetheless, the necessity to make a burnt providing, normally components of a home animal with some barley-meal and wine, and offering this may very well be costly, particularly if the horns of the sufferer wanted to be gilded with gold. Then, as now, all issues have been potential to those that had the means to pay.

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